Quentin D. Gardiner, CPA, CA

CA Partner, HGA Chartered Professional Accountants

Quentin is a big man with a big heart.  He has a soft spot for entrepreneurs, and he loves it when his clients remark ‘you aren’t a typical accountant’.  He is relentlessly focused on helping his clients achieve their goals.  When he is not in the office (which is rare), you can find him spending time with his kids, playing golf (poorly he says), or traveling to see Dave Matthews Band.  Quentin has over 20 years experience in public practice with the hairline to prove it.  He has honed is ability to keep an eye on the forest and not the weeds, and keeps his clients’ best interests in mind in everything he does.  Pro Tip:  If you’re looking to get on his good side, his weaknesses are scotch and cigars.