Who are we?

The HGA Group was born out of experience. By having all of our services and all of our experts under one roof, it allows us to know your business inside and out to give you the best advice possible.

Accounting & Tax

The focus of our firm is to provide personalized, consistent, cost-efficient and timely service. Our goal is to create an environment where our clients enjoy coming to our office, have the ability to stop in without an appointment, as well as have confidence in our team and know us as people.


HGA Law carries on a general corporate practice, with a specialty in advising clients in the construction industry and those purchasing or selling businesses. Clients of HGA Law may expect transparency in legal fees, and that their projects will be completed quickly and to an excellent standard.


Making the best financial decisions today requires a team approach where accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors collaborate to help their clients achieve success. HGA Wealth Services will work with your personal network of advisors. With everyone working to a singular goal, your action plan will be met. 


Growing businesses need growing support. As your company flourishes it can be difficult to know if the business model you implemented at the beginning is still the best route. Our team will advise and assist you in recognizing all the possibilities along the way so you can adapt your business as you grow.


Choosing the right insurance can be complicated. From your vehicles, home, and possessions, to all the facets involved in your business, finding a balance between a reasonable price and the proper coverage is a daunting task. The qualified advisors at HGA Insurance will offer you with appropriate insurance plans that will satisfy your needs both in price and coverage, letting you rest easy and leaving the complicated part to us!



Media changes every day. It’s hard to run a business on and offline! From creation of accounts to changing your profile photo, we do exactly what your brand needs online. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about posting regularly on your business account. It’s about keeping your followers engaged!